Co-extruded Multilayered Films and Sheets for Food Packaging
SUMILITE® CLD (Bottom Substrate Materials for Gas Packages)


Multi-layered composite films suitable for deep drawn gas packages as bottom substrates. Combining these substrates with composite films creates versatile functions and appearances according to the applications.


  • Amagasaki plant


  • Film & Sheets Research Laboratory


Multilayered composite films and sheets for gas packages.

Superior gas barrier property, pin hole resistance, sealing property as well as excellent forming capabilities with shape holding rigidity. Conforms to Notification No.370 of the MHLW Food Hygiene & Sanitation Standards


Functional Packaging

Food Packages

Deep drawing packages for food

SUMILITECLD can be realized the ideal gas MAP trays for emphasizing the freshness of your products.


General gas packages (antifog, highly transparent (APET type))

These films give a clear view of the contents thanks to their superb transparency, realizing the ideal gas MAP trays for emphasizing the freshness of your products.

General gas packages (formed PS type))

This package gives your products a "just packed in-store" feeling, visually emphasizing your product's freshness.

Gas pack for microwave use

With the need for convenience mounting all the time, MAP for microwave use have been developed with heat-resistant films.

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