Co-extruded Multilayered Films and Sheets for Food Packaging
SUMILITE® CEL (Co-extruded Multilayered Films and Sheets for Food Packaging)


SUMILITE® CEL SERIES are co-extruded, multilayered, and highly functional composite films which Sumitomo Bakelite developed in 1976 for the first time in the world. They are multi-functional multilayer films and sheets designed to exhibit feature of each component films, and are stacked together by expert technologies to provide proper thickness. They are available in 4 product types developed for different purposes.


  • Amagasaki plant


  • Film & Sheets Research Laboratory


high functionality films for respond to the great variety of needs arising from advanced technology

Superior forming capabilities, high oxygen barrier property, freedom from & resistance to pin holes, heat resistant and transparent. In conformity with Notification No.370 of the MHLW Food Hygiene and Sanitation Law.

A wide lineup responding to diverse property requirements

Adapted to high barrier & low barrier vacuum packages, easy peeling packages, perfect sealing packages for various foods.


Functional Packaging

Food Packages

Deep drawing packages for food

The wide diversity of our co-extruded multilayered films and sheets provides dramatic effect in enriching people's lives and dinner tables.


Vacuum packages for high barrier (for non-boiling sterilization)

Meeting various requirements including oxygen barrier performance, anti-curling property, transparency, luster, anti-pinhole performance, formability, cutting property, easy-opening property, sealing performance,etc., this films enhances your products' appeal.

Vacuum packages for high barrier (for boiling sterilization and easy peeling)

Food products which are boiled in hot water in the packed state such as hamburgers and meat dumplings must be able to be opened with absolute safety, especially under the Product Liability Law. Boil EP films are fully resistant to handling impacts during transportation and to temperature changes when boiled in hot water, but readily and safely open in the hands of the consumer.

Vacuum packages for high barrier (for boiling sterilization and non-easy peeling)

For foods dipped in liquid sauce and block type foods, we also offer perfect seal films. Recently, in particular, pillow packaging are being replaced by FFS type packaging. Our films are highly evaluated for their excellent luster and pinhole properties.

Vacuum packages for low barrier

We offer these pinhole-resistant films consisting of special nylon and special polyethylene in combination.

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