Protein Analysis


PROTEOSAVE™ is a product that blocks nonspecific adsorption of protein, peptide to the inside of a plastic container.
Blocking is done by the coating of ultra hydrophilic polymer that S-BIO has newly and originally developed.

ELISA Plates

Plates for ELISA giving first priority on increasing the amount of solid phase protein and homogeny between wells, plates and lots

Plate Seal

Plate Seal is effective for preventing evaporation of solution during enzyme reaction and so on

Peroxidase Assay Kit for ELISA

Avidin Plate (Blocking-less type) is a Avidin fixed plate with special surface processing that blocks nonspecific absorption of biomolecules


Glycan Analysis

EZGlyco® O-Glycan Prep Kit

For O-glycan analysis

EZGlyco® mAB-N Kit with 2-AB

For IgG N-glycan analysis

BlotGlyco® Glycan Purification and Labeling Kit

For Glycan analysis of various biological samples


Cell Culture

Low Cell Adhesion Products PrimeSurface™

Protect adhesion of proteins and peptides by the unique hydrophilic surface treatment. Suitable for preserving the activity of additives. High efficacy of the cell products recovery. Low stimulation caused by the material.


Flask is made of polystyrene resin and has outstanding initial adhesiveness, proliferative property and chemical specialty. Filter cap type can be available as well.

Cell Culture Petri Dishes

Petri dishes for cell culture have excellent initial adhesion and proliferative properties

Cell Culture Multi Well Plates

Multi Well Plates for Cell/Tissue and Suspension Culture provide the most suitable culture environment with carefully selected raw materials and precision molding.

Cell Culture Related Products

Provides good operability for various types of cell culture


Centrifuge Tubes/Conical Tubes

Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge Tubes have achieved outstanding transparency and centrifugal strength.


STEMFULL is a conical tube that improves the cell collection rate in centrifugal separation.


Snapconical has newly developed gull-wing cap that realizes easy opening and shutting by one hand


Cryogenic Vials

Cryogenic Vials

Cryogenic Vials store valuable samples such as cell,serum and antibody safely.

Rack for Cryogenic Vials

Compact Rack for Cryogenic Vials can withstand storage in a deep freezer (-80°C)

Lock Stand

The vials has lock mechanism so that one-handed screwing of the cryogenic vial cap can be done.



Disposable Pipette

Short size pipettes give good operability in closed spaces such as safety cabinets and clean benches


Testing Instrument

Petri dishes for Mutagen test and bacteria culture

Clear and smooth bottom for viewing contents and colony counter

Bio Tray

cDNA screening and colony hybridization

Multiwell Plate for MIC Assay

Excellent transparency for capturing clear image of aggregation for minimum inhibitory concentration
Ethylene Oxide gas sterilization

Agglutination Assay Plate

Special treatment of plastic surface can spread reagent in uniform thickness on the well.

Multiwell plate

Clear and smooth bottom for viewing contents and colony counter

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