Freshness-keeping Zipper Bags for Household Use
Zipper Bags for household use


Freshness-keeping bag, P-Plus® can be reused repeatedly.

It has zipper for your convenience, designed by average respiration rate for most of vegetables under refrigerator storage.

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Various applications

You can make baby food with enough nutrition of various vegetables.
Store preliminaries by P-Plus® , it makes easy to prepare lunch box and dinner.
Maintain fresh surplus vegetables and shred vegetables.
You can bring prepared materials to picnic. You can enjoy fresh vegetables at anywhere. You can also buy and bring back fresh vegetables when you go outdoor activities. Try to keep one box in your car!
You can share fresh vegetables to neighbors, with P-Plus® .


You can re-use by washing, and save money, compared with other zipper bag.

Complete sealing works best.

If you find air escape through the zipper of your P-Plus® , you need to replace it with a new bag.

You can tidy up the vegetable room of your fridge.

You can arrange your cut and half-used vegetables in such a way for you to find and pick up them easily.

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