P-Plus film has a lot of advantages in production, shipping, transportation, sales and waste reduction.

Advantage for produces and vegetable factories

  • P-Plus® can maintain freshness and helps product differentiation.
  • Batch packing for efficient shipping is possible, and also helps shipping adjustment to meet with market demand.
  • It helps to extend the shipping area and reduce delivery frequency/cost.
  • It enables to preserve freshness and ship out even on off-season.
  • This package can be used at automated packaging line for a labor-saving process, and helps to maximize output.
  • It helps to reduce complaints from consumers, and to improve confidence level in the market.

Advantage for wholesale markets

  • For some sensitive vegetables such as broccoli, this package can replace from conventional form-polystyrene box with ice, to paper carton box without ice. This can reduce waste of plastics boxes and also reduce shipping weight and transportation cost.

Advantage for retail markets

  • Unsold waste can be reduced by longer freshness-keeping.
  • This helps to reduce manpower to check goods life condition. It also contributes labour saving.
  • Transparent packing gives clean and luxurious impression. Also we can print barcode as well.

Advantage for food industry

  • Pre-cut vegetables can be delivered to kitchen, it helps to reduce cooking/preparation process.

Advantage for consumers

  • You can enjoy freshness from the garden at your home. Also can preserve these nutrition.
  • You can keep vegetable fresh in your fridge, and do not have to go shopping everyday.

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