Mechanism of Preserving Freshness

MA Packaging will make a kind of "hibernation" status for fruit and vegetables for longer shelf-life.

Fruit and vegetables, after harvesting, continue breathing and become over-ripe and rotten.

Fruit and vegetables continue breathing even after harvesting. This breathing makes them consume their own nutrition and continue growing by diffusing moisture.
Thus, as time passes, they grow further and then become rotten by aging. The quality - outer look, taste, nutrition, etc. will be deteriorated.
In other words, restraining the breathing of fruit and vegetables is the key to the slowdown of quality deterioration for the longer shelf-life of fresh produce.

MA Packaging will restrain the breathing of fruit and vegetables by providing "low oxygen and high carbon dioxide" atmosphere.

Temperature and gas concentration will affect the breathing of fruit and vegetables. Generally, low temperature will restrain the breathing. Low temperature storage and transportation is therefore a common solution. Low oxygen concentration and high carbon dioxide concentration also restrain the breathing. This principle is adopted in CA (Controlled Atmosphere) Storage which is typically applied for storage of apples. MA (Modified Atmosphere) Packaging is designed for keeping freshness of fruit and vegetables with the atmosphere of gas concentration inside of the packaging similar to the CA Storage, by controlling the intake of oxygen and discharge of carbon dioxide.

Invisible micro holes - Magic of P-Plus®

Secret of P-Plus® is a fine technology of gas concentration control

P-Plus® film can increase verification of oxygen by the way small holes are made to the film and optimized vitrification volume can be set according to a kind, volume and transportation condition. By this vitrification control, oxygen will permeate from outside to help the packed goods to breathe and emit carbon dioxide, then the gas permeation will be gradually balanced and become low oxygen and high carbon dioxide concentration. Based on plentiful data of variety of fruit, the size and number of micro vent holes are controlled to fit each food according to transportation condition. Thus, a kind of "hibernation" status is made for low breathing of fruits and vegetables.

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