Phenolic Resins
Ultra Low Monomer Water-Soluble Phenolic Resin

Product outline

Water-soluble, low smell and low VOC phenolic resin

Ultra Low Monomer Water-Soluble Phenolic Resin

Water solution of phenolic resin with <0.1% of free phenol and free formaldehyde. This resin can be dissolved in water, with quite low VOC and smell.

We expanded the lineup of grades with various performance features.

Ultra Low Monomer Water-Soluble Phenolic Resin lineup

We have a lineup of grades specialized for each function, such as high heat resistance, high adhesion, high carbonization rate, good solubility in various solvents, and long shelf life. All of them are water-based types and they have reduced unreacted monomers (phenol and formaldehyde), which can contribute to VOC reduction and improvement of your working environment.

Conventional water-soluble phenolic resins have issues to environmental restrictions depending on their unreacted monomers, but regarding ultra-low monomer water-soluble phenolic resins, they are expected to be used for wider application without such restrictions.

Application example

Binder or Additive for adhesive, Coating, Electronic industry material, Carbon material, EV

Technical data

You can check detailed data by clicking each grade name and feature.

  unit/condition PR-56367 PR-56449 PR-56451 PR-56451H PR-X23115 PR-X23099
Type - Resole
Feature - Standard High heat
High fix carbon With curing
High fix carbon
High adhesion High solubility
Free phenol % <0.1 <0.1
Free formaldehyde % <0.1 <0.1
Ash content % 4 0
Viscosity mPa・s/25℃ 70 770 3000 3000 400 160
Gelation time  Sec/150℃ 50 68 No gelation 100 84* 320*
Resin content %/135℃ 40 40 48 48 49 49
pH -/25℃ 9.8 8.4 8.9 8.9 7 5.4
Fixed carbon %/800℃ 19 15 18 22 12 16

* 165℃
Remark:The data given above are not guaranteed values.


VOC of developed resin is much lower than general resin.


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