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CHANNEL is made of plastic plates and foams designed for creating letters for sign boards by clipping out from the plate.
It has good weather resistance, and has many color variations.


Weather resistance

Applicable for exterior use because of weather resistant treatment

Light weight

Light weight foamed material is used.


Interior Decoration for Stores




Product typeGradeColorSize (mm)900×900900×1800
StandardRMH 511▲high pink  2 1 
RMH 514▲high red  2 11
RMH 585▲high orange  2 1 
RMH 522▲high yellow  2 1 
RMH 535▲high green  2 1 
RMH 541▲highlight blue  2 1 
RMH 544▲high blue  2 11
RM 402Dwhite  2 11
RM 411white  2 11
RM 801black  2 11
MetallicRM 580chrome(heir line)4   1 
RMW 450Tdouble white 32211
Color compositeRMK 8104FRnon glare red  2 11
RMK 8800FBnon glare black  2 11
RMK 8503FS◎
【RMK 8505FS】
non glare blue  2 11
RMK 8600FC◎
【RMK 8604FC】
non glare brown  2 1 
RMK 8705FGnon glare gray  2 1 
Color metallicRM 580FBChrome (black)4   1 


  • RM 580, RM 580FB is polyethylene masking on a surface
  • A surface of RM 580, RM 580FB is specially processed. When adhered please make an inquiry for adhesive.
  • Foam color, FR (Red), FB (Black), FS (Blue), FC (Brown), FG (Gray)
  • Below grades are made to special order.
       KDP 8400, KDP 8703, KDP 8253, KDP 8301 used grade
  • Double channel is only for undercoat only.
  • Surface material of RM 411, RM 801 is acrylic resin used
  • After all stock products of surface material (which are marked with ▲at last word) will be shipped out,
  • After all stock products (which are marked with ◎ at last word) will be shipped out, product number will be changed as the number which are stated between【】.
  • Figures are the number of plates in one package.
  • is 1 packing

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Plentiful assortment of colors and patterns are available for impressive decoration.

Aluminum Composite Sheet

Aluminum Composite Sheet is made of aluminum surface layers and foamed polyethylene core.

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