Both Sides Anti-static Plate
Elecon Plate PETG Series


Elecon Plate is processed for anti-static in order to prevent dust adhesion to be caused by static electricity. This product has been used not only for the semi-conductor and LCD industry, but also for other industries and applications that require clean environment. Its outstanding anti-static property is suitable for partitions of clean rooms, machine covers, observation windows, etc.


Outstanding anti-static property

Stable ant-static at the surface resistivity of 106-108Ω.

Ultraviolet ray protection

Ultra-violet wavelength of less than 380-400nm is not transmitted.

* Hard to break and strong shock resistance equivalent to polycarbonate

Outstanding impact resistance

Hard to break and strong shock resistance equivalent to polycarbonate materials.

Outstanding transparency

Equivalent transparency to acrylic materials. UL 94HB certified flammability.

Outstanding low outgassing property

It performs low outgassing property without any surface treatment. Therefore, it is economical among low outgassing materials.

Easy processability

Processability is nearly the same as that for regular PETG sheets (PETG Plates).


Industrial Materials

Clean Room

Production plant facilities


Grade Color Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
3.0 5.0
ECV 9100 Clear 1000×2000 3 2
1220×2440 2 1
ECV 9220 Clear Yellow 1000×2000 3 2
ECV 9280 Clear Orange 1000×2000 3 2
ECV 9961 Bronze 1000×2000 3 2


  • Figures are the number of sheets in one package.
  • shows that 2 in one packing.

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