Phenolic Resins
New Developed Products

Lignin Modified Phenol Resin

The product is produced by using Lignin which is non-edible biomass. Recently, we established mass production process for solid novolac type of  lignin modified resin and are ready for commercial use. Lignin modified resin shows comparable workability and performance to conventional petroleum-derived phenolic resin. Furthermore we have found that the resin shows unique property in some applications.

Phenolic Resin Sheet

We have developed phenolic resin sheet which has high heat resistance, good adhesive property to fillers and high char yield as well as ordinary phenolic resin. It is effective for long storage and decreasing VOC.

Ultra Low Monomer Water-Soluble Phenolic Resin

We have developed "Ultra" low monomer water-soluble resin, resole type phenolic resin with <0.1% of free phenol and free formaldehyde. This resin has some advantages, for example, VOC less, Low Odor, Low Free Monomer. This resin can be dissolved in water completely.

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