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Lignin Modified Phenolic Resin


It is a powder novolak resin modified with lignin which is non-edible biomass.
Good balance of flexibility and heat resistance can be expected for friction materials.


✔ Flexibility

✔ Heat resistance

✔ Utilizing Biomass

Main Grades

Grade Features Flow
125℃, mm
Gel Time
165℃, sec
Free Phenol
PR-X20068 Balance of flexibility
& heat resistance
12 29 <1.0
PR-X20084 Balance of flexibility
& heat resistance
22 26 <1.0

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice due to the development grades.

About Lignin

It is a phenolic resin modified with Lignin which is non-edible biomass. Lignin modified resin shows comparable workability and performance to conventional oil-based phenol resins.
Furthermore, the resin shows unique property in specific application.

  • *1: This development utilizes results obtained from a project commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Technical Data

Friction Property

Composition: Resin/Cashew particle/Aramid fiber/ Barium sulfate= 20/7.5/5/67.5 vol%
Condition: Hot press 150ºC /4min, Baking 200ºC/5hr

Item Non-modified resin Lignin modified resin
Porosity (%) 17.1 17.2
Hardness(HRR) 77 53
Flexural strength (R.T., Mpa) 34.8 24.0
Flexural strength after
350℃, 2hr, (R.T.,Mpa)
2.3 2.7

Lignin modified compound exhibits excellent strength deterioration resistance at high temp.
At room temp, it has low hardness and relatively low strength.

Friction DMA test

The friction shows better flexibility and tan δ at high temp, due to low crosslink density of resin structure.

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