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Aluminum Based Materials for PCB SUMILITE®ALC

High-fever conduction, low heat thermal resistance, high electric strength, and a halogen freelancer are given.


Sealed on carrier tape for semiconductors and electrical components packing for SMT process.

Zipper Bags for Preservation of Vegetables

It has zipper for your convenience, designed by average respiration rate for most of vegetables under refrigerator storage.

For Producers of Vegetables and Fruits

P-Plus preserves freshness, extends shelf life. It can be used to protect product quality, taste, texture, and nutritional profile.

"SUNLOID" Eco Corrugated Sheet

Environment friendly corrugated sheet that utilizes reused PET resin from PET bottles.

Light Guide Panel "SUNLOID" LUMI-KING

"SUNLOID" LUMI-KING is a acrylic light guide plate which is applied for signature displays, in-store decorations, and lighting equipment.

"SUNLOID Inclination Tube"

In the wastewater treatment process, solid-liquid separation technology, especially sedimentation facility with inclination tubes for the separation of sediments, are highlighted recently.


Product information on epoxy resin molding compounds for encapsulation of semiconductor devices.


Product information on pastes for die bonding.


Product Information on coating resins for semiconductor wafers.

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