Inquiry about Products

IT Materials Division

Epoxy molding compounds, coating resins for semiconductor wafer, etc

High Performance Plastic Products Business Unit

Phenolic resins, thermoset plastic molding compounds for Automotive, etc

Films and Sheets Division

Co-extruded multilayered sheets, materials for PTP, super engineering plastic films.

Industrial Functional Materials Sales Division

Sunloid PC, PET, ABS, Acrylic plates and sheets, etc

Decola Innovair Business Development Department

Decola designed laminates, etc

Medical Products Business Division

Endoscopic device, surgery/drainage products, circulation/IVR products, etc

S-BIO Business Division

Oligosaccharide purification kit, cell culture products, etc

P-Plus Development Department

P-Plus freshness-keeping package, etc

COIN Business Development Department

Optical circuit products (Polymer Waveguide), etc

Waterproof Business

Waterproof sheets, solar-cell integrated waterproof products, etc