Provide reliable materials to support
high-speed & high-capacity communications

Thermosetting Molding Compounds for 3D-circuit MID [Molded Interconnect Device]

Thermosetting Molding Compounds for 3D-circuit MID [Molded Interconnect Device] (Under Development)

Thermosetting resin with high heat resistance and dimensional stability enables to fabricate fine 3D electric wiring. Also contribute to downsizing, light-weighting and flexible module design.

High dielectric Molding Compounds for 5G/Millimeter wave antenna

High Dielectric Molding Compounds for 5G/Millimeter Wave Antenna (Under Development)

Epoxy resin molding material with high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss tangent. The wavelength shortening effect of radio waves contributes to the miniaturization of 5G/millimeter wave antennas.

High Thermally-conductive Epoxy  Molding Compound

High Thermally-conductive Epoxy Molding Compound

High thermal conductive, high insulation, good mold-ability, good filling performance

High Thermal Conductive Sintering Paste

High Thermally-conductive Sintering Paste

High thermally-conductive paste with Ag sintering technology is a good and reliable solution for heat problem of high-voltage and high-current packages.

Non-Halogen Series Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film for Electric Insulation

Non-Halogen Series Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film for Electric Insulation

It is a halogen-free material that combines UL 94 (V-0, VTM0) and CTI: 0 (600 V or more). Applicable to high voltage equipment.

High-frequency Diffusion Film

High-frequency Diffusion Film (Under Development)

By attaching it on windows/walls, it diffuses millimeter waves, which have a strong linearity. It enables more stable 5G communication even indoors.

Polymer waveguide for optical communication

Polymer Waveguide for Optical Communication

In optical communication and optical sensing, it contributes to optical wiring in narrow space where optical fiber is difficult to design.

High Thermally Conductive Insulation

High Thermally Conductive Insulation

Reliable and high thermal conductive materials are made based on our formulas and production techniques.

Wavelength Selective Barrier Sheet

Wavelength Selective Barrier Sheet (Under Development)

This is a cover material for sensors using infrared rays, which is increasingly in demand in ADAS. Materials with selective wavelength barrier function improve sensing performance.

Stretchable electrode and wiring material DuraQ

Stretchable Electrode and Wiring Material DuraQ® (Under Development)

We will contribute to vital sensing by the stretchable electrode and wiring materials.

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