Introduction example of LαZ to FCCSP/FCBGA

Selected reason

Our unique production method can provide stable quality performance and it can improve our customer's yield.
We have pilot line of substrates, PKG assembly and evaluation equipment, and we can simulate and perform actual PKG evaluation (with our substrate materials and molding compound). Therefore, we can find the best combination of materials in advance and propose that combination to customers.
Our material properties such as Low CTE, High Tg and High modulus, created by our unique material development, can decrease substrate warpage.
Our unique production method can produce substrate material with a thickness of 20um.


Q1. Thickness control is difficult due to substrates becoming thinner.

Our unique production method can minimize "thickness variation", "dimension change", "panel warpage variation" of material contributing to the control of thickness variation of packages.

Q2. Supply for S-glass is unstable

We can produce low CTE(5ppm) core material using standard E-glass, which can be stably supplied, for CTE areas that use S-glass manufactured by other companies. Also, by using E-glass, costs can be reduced.

Q3. Material selection for substrate evaluation is difficult.

We can propose the best material combination using our simulation data and actual PKG evaluation data based on your target PKG structure.

Q4. There is concern with fine L/S in regard to adhesion between the circuit and build-up material.

Trench technology can solve adhesion concerns and we can provide materials that use this technology.