Basic Policy for Distribution of Profits to shareholders

The Company is working actively to enhance its corporate value and regards returning a portion of profits generated by its businesses to shareholders as one of its most important management priorities. In appropriating its profits, we consider the balance with retained earnings that will be used for the future development of the business, such as R&D expenditures, capital investment, and M&A, and, seek to pay stable dividends in line with consolidated corporate performance.

Historical Data of Dividend Payment

 Interim dividendYear-end dividendAnnual dividend
FY2023 70.0 yen 70.0 yen (Forecast) 140.0 yen (Forecast)
FY2022 60.0 yen 70.0 yen 130.0 yen
FY2021 50.0 yen 60.0 yen 110.0 yen

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