IT Materials Division

SUMIKON® EME has been used for more than 40 years.

Application of semiconductor devices is expanding from computers to automobiles, the medical industry and infrastructure.
IT materials from Sumitomo Bakelite contribute to the improvement of semiconductor devices.

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Epoxy Resin Molding Compounds for Encapsulation of Semiconductor Devices

Q.What is the epoxy molding compounds for semiconductor encapsulation ?


It is a compound material which kneads and disperses inorganic filler such as silica, epoxy resins, curing agents and so on uniformly.

Pastes for Die Bonding

Q.What is the die bonding paste ?


It is a adhesive material which is used between semiconductor chips and substrates such as lead frame or organic substrate in semiconductor mounting process. It possesses lower ionic impurity level and contributes to higher reliability of the semiconductor packages.

Q.What kind of the die bonding paste ?


The die bonding pastes are classified in Conductive type and Non-conductive type.Conductive type paste includes metal filler such as Silver. Non-conductive type paste includes inorganic filler such as silica.We have some grades for the customer's requests. Please contact us for more information.

Coating Resins for Semiconductor Wafers

Q.What is the coating resin for semiconductor wafers ?


It is a varnish type insulation material which includes polymer, photosensitive material, solvent and so on.

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