Publicized Technologies

  • Introduction of latest material technology of epoxy molding compound and die attach sintering paste for power module, and new concept of next generation e-Axle
    From Nano to Macro Power Electronics and Packaging European Workshop (IMAPS-France)(November 25, 2021)

  • In situ neutron reflectometry analysis of interfacial structure formation between phenolic resin and silica during curing
    Langmuir, 37, 13867-13872 (2021).(November 16, 2021)

  • Material Solution Introduction for e-Axle
    Charged Electric Vehicle Magazine「October 2021 Conference Sessions」(October 18-21, 2021)

  • Latest technology of wafer coating material for advanced packages
    54th International Symposium on Microelectronics(IMAPS) (October 11-14)

  • Phenolic Resin for Refractories
    Journal of the Technical Association of Refractories, Japan (TAIKABUTSU OVERSES) (September 30, 2021)

  • The effect of yielding of dense silica slurry on the uniformity of coated layer
    Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (July, 2021)

  • Semiconductor Materials for Advanced Packages
    The 38th International Conference of Photopolymer Science and Technology (ICPST-38) (June 15 - 16, 2021)

  • Feature of EZGlyco O-Glycan Prep Kit and high sensitive analysis of O-glycans using Procaiamide in HPLC and MS analysis
    NIH & FDA Glycoscience Research Day 2021 Virtual Meeting (June 1, 2021)

  • Energy- and economic-balance estimation of pyrolysis plant for fuel-gas production from plastic waste based on bench-scale plant operations
    Fuel Communications (June, 2021)

  • Latest technology of Epoxy molding compound(EMC) for FO-WLP

  • Prediction of shear-thickening of particle suspensions in viscoelastic fluids by direct numerical simulation
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics (March 1, 2021)

  • Development of EMC for LDS MID that enables high-density 3D semiconductor packages and high-speed signal transmission modules
    14th International Congress MID 2021 (February 11, 2021)

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