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A review of fiscal 2022

Keisuke Kurachi

Keisuke Kurachi
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer

In a reversal from fiscal 2021, when we achieved strong results with all our core products, demand dropped sharply from the second quarter of fiscal 2022. Sales of consumer products like smartphones in China and Taiwan failed to recover following the lifting of the lockdown in Shanghai, and we had trouble procuring components for in-vehicle electronics due to the semiconductor shortage and the impact of the war in Ukraine. This caused line operation to slow and we were unable to achieve the figures we initially forecast.

Demand for consumer products failed to recover in the second half, remaining sluggish through the end of the fiscal year. On the other hand, in the field of mobility, which is finally on track to recovery, attention should be given to the field of EVs. The field is growing steadily and inspiring high expectations. Furthermore, construction has already begun on our plan for additional production lines in anticipation of growth markets in China, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States, and we are moving forward according to schedule.

Fiscal 2022 business performance for the segment

SWOT analysis/Business strategy overview for fiscal 2023
SWOT analysis/Business strategy overview for fiscal 2023

Targeting Growth Markets, and Quickly Grasping Customer Needs to Increase Market Share

In fiscal 2021, a surge in demand for consumer devices such as smartphones and computers significantly boosted our business performance due to the consequent demand for semiconductors.

In fiscal 2022, the rebound from this led to sluggish demand for consumer products. However, steady sales of mobility and data communications products led to sales revenue slightly exceeding that of fiscal 2021.

In fiscal 2023, we do not expect a strong recovery of demand for consumer products like smartphones going forward. It is difficult to foresee changes in demand for consumer products, because they are sensitive to consumption trends. However, we aim to increase sales revenue by creating "new products," "new applications," and "new customers," and focusing on marketing, sales, and research and development aimed at growth markets.

In the field of semiconductors, we will focus on expanding sales of mold underfill materials, granular materials, and rewiring materials for highly integrated semiconductors technologies. Also, we aim to expand our market share for power semiconductor applications by broadening our product lineup with features such as high heat dissipation and high insulation. In the rapidly expanding area of mobility applications, we will expand worldwide sales of three products with a growing track record: motor magnet sealing material, ECU batch encapsulation material, and sealing material for power modules. We will also introduce a fourth product, sealing material for stators, to the market and accelerate business expansion.

Also, concerning the enhancement of our production system, we will enact the necessary maintenance without delay in anticipation of fields that are sure to grow in the future. Specifically, we will position measures related to mobility in Europe and the United States, where demand is strong, as the most important issue for this fiscal year, and will take aggressive steps to achieve results. This fiscal year, and will take aggressive steps to achieve results.

Striving to create now business opportunities with a product lineup that leverages our strengths

We have finally reached fiscal 2023, the final year of our Medium-term Business Plan. In order to gain market share in fast-paced and rapidly changing business domains, we believe that the key to sustainable growth will be to build relationships of trust with customers through strategic proposals and the capacity to execute them. We are developing open laboratories in Japan, Asia, Europe, and the United States, and will continue to enhance our system for responding to needs by working in collaboration with customers. In addition to our main products of semiconductor encapsulation materials, we also aim to grow our business in the area of photosensitive materials and paste for die bonding of semiconductors, by expanding into new applications such as power semiconductors and data communication applications, as well as micro and mini LEDs, antennas, and displays. We hope to gain momentum through these activities to achieve our targets for fiscal 2025: "revenue of 100 billion yen for a 20-25% ratio of total business profit."

In fiscal 2022, SDG-contributing products generated sales revenue of 61 billion yen. This represents 76% of all our semiconductor materials, up 2% from the previous fiscal year. This result is largely thanks to our three strategic mobility products: motor magnet sealing material, ECU batch encapsulation material, and sealing material for power modules. With the addition of our new sealing material for stators, we have a strong product line with which to contribute to the achievement of SDGs in the mobility sector. In light of society's growing needs concerning environmental initiatives, we are also enhancing our materials development by adopting bio-based raw materials, and materials that can be stored at room temperature and cure at low temperatures.

[Strategic products]

Strategic productsStrategic products

Business Strategy to Achieve Medium-term Business Plan Targets

Climbing Higher to Increase Our Presence as a Leading Company

In this segment, we identify our purpose as being a material solution provider that makes dreams for the future a reality in the field of electronics and mobility. We will maintain sustainable growth by striving to further increase our market share in power semiconductors and highly integrated semiconductors while continuing to focus on vehicle electrification, autonomous driving, and high-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission as the main pillars of our business.

Outlook for business performance in fiscal 2023

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