Sustainability Promotion Activity

Sustainability Promotion Policy

We, Group of Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. aim to improve sustainable corporate value by conducting business activities for our Purpose, "Toward a sustainable society through expanding the potential of plastics," based on our Business Philosophy, "Our company places prime importance on trust and sureness, and shall commit itself to contributing to the progress of society and enhancement of people’s welfare and livelihood through its business activities."

Basic Concept

Amid continuing unpredictability and uncertainty of environmental and social conditions, it becomes more difficult to predict the future outlook.

Our Group has advanced initiatives to enhance sustainability based on our Business Philosophy and Purpose so far, and will further strengthen the initiatives. Pursuing the diverse functions of plastics and expanding their potential, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by continuously implementing new products and services that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Our Group has identified 'Material Issues' and 'KPIs' based on risks which should be minimized looking to the future and opportunities to enhance sustainable corporate value for our Vision 2030 "become a company that makes your dreams for the future a reality by creating value for our clients." We strive to continually work towards achieving our Vision 2030.

Sustainability Promotion System

We have established our Sustainability Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the President under the supervision of our Board of Directors.

chart:Sustainability Promotion Committee
  • *1: The committee is held once every two months, discussing and determining policies and issues related to sustainability, and making approval on policies, plans and results of the sub-committee.
  • *2: The secretariat promotes and provides support for sustainability initiatives.

Our Group's Responsible Care Activities

(1) What is Responsible Care?

Responsible Care refers to voluntary activities by many chemical companies handling chemical substances aimed at preserving 'the environment' against and ensuring 'the safety and health' from chemical substances throughout the product's life cycle, from 'development' through 'disposal or recycle', while publishing results of activities and maintaining dialogue and communication with society.

These activities can be broadly categorized into six areas: (1) environmental protection, (2) process safety and disaster prevention, (3) occupational health and safety, (4) distribution safety, (5) chemicals and product stewardship, and (6) communication (publishing results, dialogue).

(2) Responsible Care Activities

We have belonged to the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) RC Committee and worked on six themes to secure 'the environment, safety, and health'. Based on our Responsible Care Policy, we are determined to ensure that our business operations fulfill the responsibilities as a company to stakeholders, including society.

Diagram of our Responsible Care activities: (1)Environmental protection (2)Process safety disaster prevention (3)Occupational health and safety (4)Distribution safety (5)Chemcals and product stewardship (6)Communication (publishing results, dialogue) .

Policy on Responsible Care Activities


In all its operations, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. will contribute to the sustainable development of society while promoting business activities by meeting the highest standards of the Responsible Care concept and giving due consideration to environmental preservation, human health and safety as well as product quality.


  • 1. Evaluate the safety, health, and environmental aspects throughout the entire life cycle of a product, from product design to the procurement of raw materials through disposal, and strive to minimize the environmental impact of our corporate;
  • 2. Make sustained, Group-wide efforts to promote resource and energy conservation, waste reduction and biodiversity conservation;
  • 3. Perform Environmental, Safety & Health Audit and Quality Assurance Audit as well as work to maintain and improve systems for managing environmental protection, safety promotion and disaster prevention, worker safety and health, and quality management;
  • 4. Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and agreements associated with safety, health, the environment, and chemicals while autonomously establishing administrative rules with the aim of strengthening management capacity, so as to improve environmental, health and safety conditions for society, customers, and employees;
  • 5. Work to ensure and improve the safety of raw materials, products, transportation operations and process safety, and provide product safety information to employees, customers, and others;
  • 6. Promote continuous improvement in security over facilities, processes and technologies, and implement operational safety management programs to ensure the safety and health of employees and residents of local communities;
  • 7. Publicly disclose information on the environment, safety and products to and promote dialog with interested parties such as customers, employees and residents of local communities, so as to identify their needs and deepen mutual understanding and trusting relationships;
  • 8. In order to ensure environmental conservation, human health and safety as well as product quality, provide employees with training to develop necessary human resources for that end.
Responsible Care®

(3) Participation in Global Initiatives

Signing the declaration of support for the Responsible Care (RC) Global Charter

The Responsible Care (RC) Global Charter is a voluntary activity policy adopted by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) in 2006 and shared by the chemical industry to enhance and reinforce RC activities around the world.

We subscribe to this activity policy and signed a declaration supporting the RC Global Charter in October 2008. Responding revision in May 2014, we also signed the revised RC Global Charter in September 2014. By signing the declaration, we have committed ourselves to making even greater contributions to the RC activities around the world.

image:responsible care

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