Pioneer in plastics


Cryogenic Vials
Rack for Cryogenic Vials


Compact design. Can withstand storage in a deep freezer (-80°C)


Storage in a deep freezer

Variation in tube size and volume

Sample classification

MS-7550 Series are provided in Grey, Green, and Pink colors, making sample classification easy.

The description such as sample name or expiration date can be directly labeled on the frost resistant seal (only attached to MS-7550L.G.P.)

Sample type and retention can be filled on the frost resistant seal (only attached to MS-7550L.G.P.)


Medical Research Institution/Laboratory

Freezing Preservation

Available for frozen storage purpose in a deep freezer

Exhibitions More

  • 2016/10/13 8th Asian Community of Glycoscience and Glycotechnology
  • 2016/05/17 7th Annual Biosimilars Asia 2016 Conference & Exhibition

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