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Light Guide Panel "SUNLOID" LUMI-KING

"SUNLOID" LUMI-KING is a acrylic light guide plate which is applied for signature displays, in-store decorations, and lighting equipment.

"SUNLOID" Aluminum Composite Sheet

"SUNLOID" Aluminum Composite Sheet is made of aluminum surface layers and foamed polyethylene core.


"SUNLOID" CHANNEL is made of plastic plates and foams designed for creating letters for sign boards by clipping out from the plate.


SUNMOLAR is made of UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) with molecular weight of 4.5-5.7 million. It has exceptional properties among many plastics materials, such as abrasion resistance, sliding, non-adherance, and impact resistance.

Polyester ether Ketone Plate PEEK

Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is ultra heat resistant thermoplastic resin. PEEK plate has both mechanical and functional properties.

PEEK Trademark of Victrex plc.

Carrier for Fluid Bed Bio-reactor BIOSTAGE

In the recent wastewater treatment facilities, "fluid bed" processing system has become highlighted under the needs for high-speed, nitrifying, elimination of nitrogen, and downsizing of facilities

Contact Filter Media SUNPACKING

SUNPACKING performs excellent properties in high-level wastewater treatments such as in industrial drainage, effusion from rubbish, purification of river water, human waste treatment, etc.

"SUNLOID" Spray Nozzle

Can be used as liquid spray of a cooling tower, airshower and scrubber.

"SUNLOID" Diffuser

"SUNLOID" Diffuser is made of ABS bodies with plasticized PVC elastic valve

"SUNLOID" Eliminator

"SUNLOID" Eliminator is designed with turning blades that work as battle plate against the gas flow.

"SUNLOID" Inclination Tube

In the wastewater treatment process, solid-liquid separation technology, especially sedimentation facility with inclination tubes for the separation of sediments, are highlighted recently.


Mat shaped and suitable for mist filtering material and silencing material for cooling tower.

Partition Material "SUNLOID" HOME PLATE

"SUNLOID" HOME PLATE is a soft and bright plastic plate with variety of patterns - taste of Japanese paper, sheet glass, etc.


"SUNLOID" HOME-P and "SUNLOID" HOMIE are strong and unbreakable Japanese paper textured materials for soft lighting.

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