Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

  • The Corporate Communications Department assists the management in holding dialogue with shareholders through interviews and briefings, while the corporate general affairs department, the finance and accounting department, and the corporate planning department cooperate with the operation of the Corporate Communications Department.
  • To enhance dialogue with shareholders, the Company holds annual and quarterly financial results briefings for analysts and institutional investors, and the Representative Director and President or the Director Overseeing Finance and Accounting regularly hold individual meetings with major institutional investors in Japan and overseas.
  • The Company proactively discloses information by posting information on its website to facilitate shareholder understanding as necessary, such as news releases, corporate information including on business, R&D and sustainability-related initiatives, in addition to financial results and other IR information.
  • Opinions or requests obtained through shareholder dialogue are reported to the management, and important information is regularly shared with the Board of Directors.
  • The Company makes decisions on material facts under strict confidentiality based on the rules for managing insider information, and follows clear information management procedures when engaging in dialogue with shareholders. In addition, in order to prevent the leakage of financial results information and ensure fair disclosure, the Company sets a quiet period of generally two weeks prior to the scheduled announcement of full-year and quarterly financial results. During the quiet period, the Company refrains from commenting or answering questions on financial results.