Polycarbonate Plate
"SUNLOID" PC Heat Ray Cutoff Grade


"SUNLOID" PC Heat Ray Cutoff Grade is a composite panel that has pneumatic structures made inside of polycarbonate layers. With this pneumatic structure, heat insulation and heat retention properties are dramatically improved. It contributes for energy saving of facilities. The products will be delivered after cutting according to customer needs.


Heat resistance/Heat insulation

Outstanding heat insulation and heat retention

Shipped after cutting to order

Please let us know cutting size

Impact resistance lighting property

Impact strength is several tens stronger than glass materials. In addition, light transmission of 80% ensures good lighting property.


Because of light weight (1.3kg/m2), easy to deliver and fit. It also perform outstanding processability such as cutting, bending and heat processing.

Strength against high heat and coldness

Outstanding strength for both high and low temperatures

Weather resistance

Outstanding weather resistance by special treatment on its surface.



Lighting Material

Interior door, exterior, window, ceiling, blind etc.


Greenhouse Materials

Greenhouse materials for agriculture, aquaculture and gardening

Interior Decoration for Stores


Interior decoration of stores, partitions, display case, lighting


GradeColorThickness (mm)maximum cutting size (mm)
WPC 100U-4clear4.02000×3800
WPC 100MU-4 *
clear mat
WPC 100U-6clear6.0
WPC 300U-6 *
milk white
WPC 100MU-6 *
clear mat
WPC 100U-Aclear10.0
WPC 300U-A *
milk white


  • After all stock products (which are marked with * at last word) will be shipped out, product number will be changed as the number which are stated between [].

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"SUNLOID" PC plate has outstanding impact resistance and heat resistance at both high and low temperature. This product also has excellent transparency.

"SUNLOID" PC Force Bent Panel for Roofing

"SUNLOID" PC Force Bent Panel for roofing is roofing material for lighting, made of processed "SUNLOID" PC flat sheet.

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