Relationships with Society

We strive for earning customer trust and satisfaction, value relations with our stakeholders and enhance understanding and trust, and operating as a member of local communities, contribute to the regions while giving careful consideration to environmental protection issues.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction (CS)

Our company has established a basic policy on the promotion of CS though the CS*1 Promotion Committee. In accordance with this basic policy, divisions and Group companies work together to share the voice (needs) of the customers and improve business processes based on this.

We invite customers in an annual conference to listen to their voices, deepen mutual understanding and trust through questionnaires and other means. Internally, we hold CS discussion meeting annually to share CS activities and enhance awareness of CS. Each business site and business division creates their own CS Declaration comprised of five principles to suit the nature of its business and environment, all employees continue to evolve. Also, we utilize the company newsletter to convey our philosophy toward CS activities to employees.


Dissemination of Corporate Information

In order to help stakeholders gain a better understanding of the Group's diverse activities, we strive to ensure that all our communications comply with applicable laws, regulations and inhouse rules, and use honest, appropriate, and easy to understand display methods and expressions.

Besides the disclosure of corporate information as mandated by law, we use diverse media to disseminate information, such as press releases, advertising at airports and train stations, in Shinkansen carriages, at baseball stadiums, signage, and other outdoor advertising, as well as our website. In fiscal 2016, we launched a smartphone-compatible version of our corporate website in Japanese, English and Chinese.

In addition, we display finished products and digital signage that use our products as components or materials at exhibition corners at our business sites and at some product expositions for helping customers and business partners understand our products better.

Ticket wicket at Tennozu Isle Station of Tokyo Monorail

Ticket wicket at Tennozu Isle Station of Tokyo Monorail

Departure lobby at the Haneda Airport International Terminal

Departure lobby at the Haneda Airport International Terminal

Digital signage displayed at an external exposition

Digital signage displayed at an external exposition

Digital signage displayed at an external exposition

Digital signage displayed at an external exposition

Advertisement at Hanshin Koshien Stadium

Advertisement at Hanshin Koshien Stadium

An advertisement for the biotope project at the Shizuoka Plant, as seen from the JR Tokaido Line

An advertisement for the biotope project at the Shizuoka Plant, as seen from the JR Tokaido Line

Corner displaying products at our head office

Corner displaying products at our head office

Smartphone-compatible version of our corporate website

Smartphone-compatible version of our corporate website

Relations with Local Communities

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

Our company's business activities rely on nature's bounty and for this reason we recognize the importance of conserving biodiversity. As such, we promote reduced environmental impacts and incorporate biodiversity conservation in our procurement policy. In terms of our initiatives during the product life cycle, we develop eco-friendly products, while outside of Japan we take part in local initiatives, including those that protect rare tree species.

Furthermore, we are a promotion partner of "The Declaration of Biodiversity by Nippon Keidanren" and are implementing all possible measures following this declaration.

Biotope Initiatives

The results of an investigation into the relationship between the business sites of our group worldwide and protected areas considered important in terms of biodiversity indicated that none of our business sites were located in these areas. Although not a protected area, the results of an ecosystem survey conducted in fiscal 2011 at the site of our Shizuoka Plant located in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, confirmed the presence of killifish, an IA-rated endangered species. After determining the strong need for preserving the biodiversity of this site, we decided to create a company biotope.

The biotope opened in April 2017 after work was completed under a five-year plan running from 2012. The biotope, which occupies about 5% of the Shizuoka Plant’s site, is habitat for a wide variety of fauna and flora, including ancient Oga lotus and jewel beetles with rainbow-colored wings, among others, in addition to minami killifish.

Killifish swimming in the wetland
(between lotus leaves)

Initiatives to Protect the Forest Ecosystems

Our company contributes to conservation of biodiversity by protecting forest environments through supporting forest thinning projects and afforestation activities. Our company has supported forest thinning mainly in Iwate Prefecture since fiscal 2008 by expanding the use of Paper Products that Contribute to Forest Thinning Efforts promoted by the Morino Chonai-Kai (Forest Neighborhood Association). The cumulative amount of this paper used is approximately 51 tons, which corresponds to the thinning of 3.35 hectares.

Additionally, our business site in Indonesia (Indopherin Jaya) carries out mangrove planting activities in order to protect mangrove forests, which provide habitats for a wide variety of marine organisms. Mangrove forests not only help to protect the environment but also improve the living conditions of local residents and prevent erosion of beaches and coastlines. Going forward, each of our business sites will continue to take part in biodiversity conservation efforts tailored to their location.

Amount of Paper Products that Contribute to Wood Thinning Efforts Used by Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

Planting mangrove trees

Environmental Conservation and Beautification Activities in the Surroundings of Plants

We are working to conserve and beautify the areas surrounding each of our production plants by cooperating with local environmental conservation activities and campaigns against illegal dumping of waste as well as cleaning and beautification events organized by local communities.

Yamaroku Kasei Industry
Participated in the Yamato River and Ishi River cleanup campaign.

Hokkai Taiyo Plastic
Took part in the spring cleanup campaign (organized by the Sapporo Rinko Industrial Park Association) and disposed of illegally dumped waste.

Amagasaki Plant
Participated in the Tasogare Cleanup Campaign to raise awareness about and pickup litter organized by the City of Amagasaki.

We installed an automated supply system for Adblue (for detoxifying nitrogen oxide) at a distribution hub in Shizuoka City.

Initiatives in Society

Environmental and Social Contribution Activities

Our company participates in an environmental survey program run by NPO Earthwatch Japan as a corporate partner, as part of its educational and social contribution activities as well as to expand the scope of these educational and social contribution activities. In fiscal 2016, we participated in the research surveys as part of the two research programs. The first was a monitoring survey for learning about the return of living organisms conducted at Moune Bay in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture in July 2016 (post-earthquake ocean ecosystem survey) and the second was a tidal flats survey (local living organism survey in areas affected by the earthquake) for monitoring the recovery of East Japan’s greenery conducted in the Urato Islands in Shiogama City in August 2016.

Moune Bay, Kesennuma
(ocean water quality survey)

Urato Islands, Shiogama City
(monitoring of tidal flats ecosystem)

A Message from Earthwatch Japan

Earthwatch Japan's survey activities provided an excellent opportunity for employees who participated to experience people's connection with nature while enjoying a fun excursion. I hope that participants were able to understand the close relationship biodiversity has with our lives and the importance of preservation based on scientific grounds, and then use this new knowledge at work and in their private lives.

The insight participants gained through these survey activities about connections between forest and ocean and the concerns of researchers can be utilized in Sumitomo Bakelite's environmental education activities.

Going forward, I hope Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. will get more involved in our survey activities in order to expand its in-house environmental education to heighten its ability to disseminate information both inside and outside the company.

Executive Director
NPO Earthwatch Institute
Tomoko Nunoi

Environmental Contributions Aimed at a Broad Range of Industries

Our company was recognized with an Honorable Mention at the 15th GSC Awards for its biomass-derived phenol manufacturing technology related to development. This award also recognized the Company for its research performance that can be expected to be rolled out to GSC in the future.

There are growing expectations for plastic manufacturing from biomass resources in order to address the future issues of global warming and resource depletion. Biomass-derived phenol manufacturing technologies are garnering much attention as a technology that can fulfill such expectations.

Relations with Local Residents and Participation in Local Events

We are working to enhance the welfare of local communities by proactively interacting with local residents and participating in local events to deepen our ties with them, as well as engaging in volunteer activities and making donations.

Kobe Plant
Hosted a volunteer booth at the summer festival of the industrial park in which the plant is situated

SNC Industrial Laminates
Participated in a charity run organized by the Johor Cerebral Palsy Association

Kyushu Sumitomo Bakelite
Took part in volunteer activities to plan tulip bulbs

Indopherin Jaya
Participated in a quiz commemorating World Environment Day held at city hall (the photograph shows third place finish)

Welcoming Next Generation Internships and Factory Visits

In order to support the growth of the next generation of students we proactively accept student interns and also welcome students to company briefings and site visit events (factory tours) to aid their understanding of our business and the work carried out at our production plants.

S.B. Techno Plastics (head office plant)
Hosted an internship from Kodamahakuyo High School.

Sumitomo Bakelite Macau
Hosted plant tour and networking session with students and professors from the nearby University of Macau.

SBP Indonesia
Hosted an internship from PT. Mitsui Indonesia.

Sumitomo Bakelite Europe (Barcelona)
Hosted a plant tour and training program for students majoring in chemistry.

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