Relationships with Society

We strive for earning customer trust and satisfaction, value relations with our stakeholders and enhance understanding and trust, and operating as a member of local communities, contribute to the regions while giving careful consideration to environmental protection issues.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction (CS), Dissemination of Corporate Information

At Sumitomo Bakelite the CS Promotion Committee comprising the President and other executives determines the company-wide basic policy on customer satisfaction. In accordance with this policy, divisions and Group companies share the voice of the customer (needs) and work to improve business processes based on those needs.

2015 has been deemed the Year of Cooperation, and we have proactively used internal and external resources to promote CS. Through cooperation that exceeds division and company boundaries, it is possible to capture multifaced customer needs and create greater CS product development through projects with joint product and new materials. In addition, we are proactively making improvements from a customer viewpoint, such as renewing display corners at all sites.

With 2016 as the Year of Creation, our aim is to create new ways to promote CS.

Exhibition corner at the Head Office

Redesigned Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd. website

Ticket wicket at Tennozu Isle Station of Tokyo Monorail

Departure lobby at the Haneda Airport International Terminal

Advertising at Koshien Baseball Stadium

Digital signage displayed at an external exposition

An advertisement for the biotope project at the Shizuoka Plant, as seen from the JR Tokaido Line

Relations with Local Communities

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

The environmental impact of the Group's drainage water etc. has an effect on organisms, and some of our factories provide habitats for endangered species within their grounds. We therefore believe that we can contribute to the protection of biodiversity through enhancing the environments at our business sites.

In addition, as a promotion partner of "The Declaration of Biodiversity by Nippon Keidanren," we are implementing measures to ensure that our operations fully accord with the letter and spirit of that declaration. Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd. possesses land in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture which serves as the site for the Shizuoka Plant, a factory that produces phenolic resin, etc. Although the land is not an officially designated conservation area, an ecological study in fiscal 2011 showed that, an IA-rated endangered type of killifish was breeding on the site. As a result of this, it was determined that biological diversity found in the land had a high conservation value and a five-year plan was drafted to develop a biotope on the site from 2015. The biotope now takes up approximately 5% of the area of the site.

【Topic】Development of the Shizuoka Plant Biotope Project

We have created a biotope at the Shizuoka Plant called "Ikoino-yashiro", and are developing it in consideration to the local surroundings and conditions. We held a nature observation event for our employees and their families.

Initiatives to Protect the Forest Ecosystem

We are participating in a mangrove planting initiative at our Indonesia site (Indopherin Jaya) together with other companies. In fiscal 2015, we planted approximately 60 trees.

Planting mangrove trees

Utilizing Disused Plant Land for Solar Electricity Generation

Akita Sumitomo Bakelite loans vacant land adjacent to the company to a mega solar company to generate solar power. The 18,592 solar panels generate enough electricity to power 1,660 households for a year.

Aerial photograph of the facility

Environmental Conservation and Beautification Activities in the Surroundings of Plants

We are working to conserve and beautify the areas surrounding each of our production plants by cooperating with local environmental conservation activities and campaigns against illegal dumping of waste as well as cleaning and beautification events organized by local communities.

Kobe Plant
Plant employees participated in a day to clean up the industrial park in which the plant is situated

Amagasaki Plant
Plant employees were asked by the city office to participate in the city's project to splash water on the ground (as a heat reduction measure)

Shizuoka Plant
Plant employees participated in a riverbank cleanup organized by a municipal environmental conservation association

Welcoming Next Generation Internships and Factory Visits

In order to support the growth of the next generation of students we proactively accept student interns and also welcome students to company briefings and site visit events (factory tours) to aid their understanding of our business and the work carried out at our production plants.

The Ota Market's fruit and vegetable evaluation CS center
Students from Tokyo University of Agriculture's Post Harvest Studies Research Laboratory visited the center to learn about anti-condensation film and the use of P-Plus to maintain the freshness of produce.

Akita Sumitomo Bakelite
Students and teaching staff from Akita University's Department of Mechanical Engineering visited the plant.

Sumitomo Bakelite Europe (Barcelona)
Students majoring in chemistry visited the plant to receive training.

Contributing to the Society

We make donations through reputable organizations that benefit worthwhile causes in such areas as schools and education, social welfare, science and technology, culture and the arts.

In May 2015 six Durez Canada employees and members of their families participated as "Team SBHPP" in the Wings for Life Run,*1 a charity running event supported by Red Bull that raises money for research into spinal cord injury treatment.

  • ※1
    This event was held simultaneously in 35 places in 33 countries and all of the proceeds were donated to the NPO "Wings for Life", which supports research into spinal cord injury treatment.

Charity running event participants (Durez Canada)

Relations with Local Residents and Participation in Local Events

We are working to enhance the welfare of local communities by proactively interacting with local residents and participating in local events to deepen our ties with them, as well as engaging in volunteer activities and making donations.

An EV bus tour for local residents (Akita Sumitomo Bakelite)

Local children invited to dinner after Ramadan (SBP Indonesia)

Employees participating in a volunteer tulip bulb planting activity (Kyushu Bakelite)

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