Medium-Term Business Plan 2021-2023

June 24, 2021

Due to negative impact of spread of COVID-19, international situation and social environment have drastically changed. Also, social challenges such as increased awareness of environmental issues, speed-up of digital-shift, changes in lifestyle and values, and changes in supply chain have been moving. To response such drastic social changes and uncertain circumstances, our company group implements sustainable management for the future by reinforcing our business base more than ever and linking changes in social challenges to our growth opportunity. Based on these vision stated above, our company group has newly developed the Medium-Term Business Plan for FY2021-2023.



Aiming to become “a purveyor of dreams (happiness) for the future” by expanding the possibilities of plastic and creating value for our clients

Basic Medium-Term Policy

Aiming at “Top shares in niche markets” in the functional chemical sector as well as expanding our business in accordance with SDGs

Basic Strategy

  • Develop new products with competitive advantage, aiming at their prompt contribution
  • Strengthen profitability of existing products and expand new customers, applications, and regions
  • Proactive strategic investment in growth areas (M&A,DX etc.)

Numerical Target (FY2023)

Sales Revenue 250
Business Profit 25.0
ROE 10%
  • Unit: Billion JPY
  • Exchange rate assumption: USD 105JPY, EUR 124JPY