Chemical Material JAPAN 2020


Chemical Material JAPAN 2020

Dates: October 19th, 2020 - November 18th, 2020
URL :https://www.chemmate.jp/on2020/

We have developed new products by utilizing our synthesis and processing technology of phenolic resin. Please come and join us!

[Phenolic resin]

Lignin modified phenolic resin
The product is produced by using Lignin which is non-edible biomass.
We have established solid novolac type of lignin modified resin and it is ready for commercial use.
Phenolic Resin Sheet
Phenolic resin sheet keeps the same performance as conventional resin.
It is effective for long storage and decreasing VOC compared to liquid type.
Spherical Cured Resin & Carbon Materials
The products have high flow ability, high fill capacity, and high dispersibility.
It is possible to control particle size with high accuracy.


We will introduce cyclicolefin copolymer with solubility to alkali developer.
Its unique preformance such as high transparency, UV-curable and Low RI is applicable for next generation display.
Fluorinated Polynorbornene
We will introduce fluoroalkyl substituted norbornene polymer.
Its high thermal stability, high transparency and low k property are applicable for various coating materials.

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Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., High Performance Plastic Products Business Unit, Asia sales Division, Polymers Sales Dept.
email: sumibehpp-web@ml.sumibe.co.jp