Interior Decoration for Stores


"SUNLOID" PC plate has outstanding impact resistance and heat resistance at both high and low temperature.

"SUNLOID" PC Twin Wall Sheet (Free Size)

"SUNLOID" PC Twin Wall Sheet is a composite panel that has pneumatic structures made inside of polycarbonate layers.


"SUNLOID" ABS is a product that provides well balanced properties such as forming, shock resistance and heat resistance.

"SUNLOID" Granterior

"SUNLOID" Granterior A, GL, R are acrylic decorative plates developed by our original technology


"SUNLOID" PETG is PETG (Amorphous Co-polyester) Sheet was originally developed by us for the first time in Japan.


"SUNLOID" PET GAG is laminated sheet made of A-PET (Amorphous Polyester) inner layer and PETG (Amorphous Co-polyester) surface layer on both sides.


Plentiful color assortment and patterning ensure optimum decorative effect.


"SUNLOID" CHANNEL is made of plastic plates and foams designed for creating letters for sign boards by clipping out from the plate.

"SUNLOID" KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Weather Resistant Plate 8000 Series

"SUNLOID" KD 8000 series are designed for outdoor use. Weather resistant property is added on the regular "SUNLOID" KD plates.

Rigid PVC Pressed Plate KP Plate

KP plate is rigid PVC pressed plate that has good processability, outstanding chemical resistance and insulating property

"SUNLOID" Aluminum Composite Sheet

"SUNLOID" Aluminum Composite Sheet is made of aluminum surface layers and foamed polyethylene core.

Aluminum Based Materials for PCB SUMILITE® ALC

High-fever conduction, low heat thermal resistance, high electric strength, and a halogen freelancer are given.

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