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PC plate has outstanding impact resistance and heat resistance at both high and low temperature.

Extruded Rigid PVC Plate for Industrial Use

Extruded Rigid PVC Plate has outstanding chemical resistance, processability.

Rigid PVC Pressed Plate KP Plate

KP plate is rigid PVC pressed plate that has good processability, outstanding chemical resistance and insulating property

KD Acrylic-PVC Alloy Plate Grade 7000

KD Grade 7000 has extra high impact strength - the highest strength level among thermoplastic materials in the market.

Round Rod

We provide supporting material for manufacturing cutting tool or equipment effectively.


SUNMOLAR is made of UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) with molecular weight of 4.5-5.7 million. It has exceptional properties among many plastics materials, such as abrasion resistance, sliding, non-adherance, and impact resistance.

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