Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Electronic Components

Phenolic Molding Compounds

Phenolic molding compounds reinforced with glass fiber, organic filler or inorganic filler.

Other Thermoset Plastic Molding Compounds

Specialized molding compounds such as epoxy, diallyl phthalate or other type (except for phenolic)

Liquid Epoxy Resin

SUMIMAC® ECR/ECH has excellent workability and safety and is widely used for electrical insulation of ignition coils, relays, sensors and capacitor applications.

Epoxy Coating Powder

SUMILITERESIN® ECP is epoxy resin-based coating powder and has excellent reliability, workability and safety with good adhesive strength, heat resistance, electrical insulation and high mechanical strength.

Heat Dissipative Materials

We offer various heat dissipative materials such as PPS molding compounds, Phenolic molding compounds, Epoxy molding compounds and Epoxy liquid resin.

Molded Parts and Molding Dies

Excellent molded parts molding dies with high precision made of thermoplastic engineering plastic compounds.


"SUNLOID" PC plate has outstanding impact resistance and heat resistance at both high and low temperature.


"SUNLOID" FINELITE MR is designed for optical application, such as cover layer of liquid crystal display where defect-free appearance is required.


Sealed on carrier tape for semiconductors and electrical components packing for SMT process.

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