"SUNLOID" DN Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing for rooftop requires not only absolute waterproofing performance but also various added values such as durability, heat insulating effect, disaster prevention effect, and designs. We provide value-added waterproofing by our time-tested "SUNLOID" DN Waterproofing.

Dunslant Roof

Our waterproofing system for pitched roof "Dunslant Roof" is exclusive for pitched roofs. This system has excellent properties of SUNLOID DN Waterproofing Systems and its original patterns give the roof beautifully designed appearance.

"SUNLOID" DN Waterproofing System HR

SUNLOID DN Waterproofing System HR shows its effect of reducing the heat island phenomenon by reflecting up to 80% of infrared rays in sunlight and avoiding rise in temperature of buildings.


Developed for metal substratum, this waterproofing system has excellent flame retardancy and workability. It can demonstrate 30 minute fire-retardant on the roof and can be widely used in residential and commercial blocks.

ZK Coat

PVC waterproof sheets tend to get hardened and cracked after they are exposed to wind, rain ultraviolet, etc. ZK coat contains some ingredients which soften the DN Waterproof sheet, and recovers the softness of the waterproof sheets.

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