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Lighting Materials


"SUNLOID" PC plate has outstanding impact resistance and heat resistance at both high and low temperature.

"SUNLOID PC" Corrugated Sheet

"SUNLOID" PC Corrugated Sheet is made of polycarbonate resin with excellent impact strength and transparency as well as weather resistance.

"SUNLOID" PC Twin Wall Sheet (Free Size)

"SUNLOID" PC Twin Wall Sheet is a composite panel that has pneumatic structures made inside of polycarbonate layers.

"SUNLOID PC" Force Bent Panel for Roofing

"SUNLOID" PC Force Bent Panel for roofing is roofing material for lighting made of processed "SUNLOID" PC flat sheet.

"SUNLOID" PC Smoke Blue Corrugated Sheet, Heat Ray Cutoff Grade

On top of "SUNLOID" PC corrugated sheet's excellent impact resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance and easy processability, "SUNLOID" PC Smoke Blue Corrugated Sheet, Heat Ray Cutoff Grade has heat reflecting property.

"SUNLOID" PVC Corrugated Sheet with Glass Fabric Net

This is a PVC corrugated sheet reinforced with glass fabric net inside. It has bright and beautiful appearance.

Partition Material "SUNLOID" HOME PLATE

"SUNLOID" HOME PLATE is a soft and bright plastic plate with variety of patterns - taste of Japanese paper, sheet glass, etc.


"SUNLOID" HOME-P is strong and unbreakable Japanese paper textured materials for soft lighting.


Polystyrene Decorative Plate"SUNLOID" Granterior GS

"SUNLOID" Granterior GS is polystyrene resin plate with decorative patterns on its surface.


"SUNLOID" DN Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing for rooftop requires not only absolute waterproofing performance but also various added values such as durability, heat insulating effect, disaster prevention effect, and designs. We provide value-added waterproofing by our time-tested "SUNLOID" DN Waterproofing.

Dunslant Roof

Our waterproofing system for pitched roof "Dunslant Roof" is exclusive for pitched roofs. This system has excellent properties of SUNLOID DN Waterproofing Systems and its original patterns give the roof beautifully designed appearance.

"SUNLOID" DN Waterproofing System HR

SUNLOID DN Waterproofing System HR shows its effect of reducing the heat island phenomenon by reflecting up to 80% of infrared rays in sunlight and avoiding rise in temperature of buildings.


Developed for metal substratum, this waterproofing system has excellent flame retardancy and workability. It can demonstrate 30 minute fire-retardant on the roof and can be widely used in residential and commercial blocks.

ZK coat

PVC waterproof sheets tend to get hardened and cracked after they are exposed to wind, rain ultraviolet, etc. ZK coat contains some ingredients which soften the DN Waterproof sheet, and recovers the softness of the waterproof sheets.

Swimming Pools

Waterproofing for Swimming Pool

Highly reliable waterproofing system made of waterproofing sheets which have excellent durability and chemical resistance. This system is an optional choice for repair work of existing waterproofing systems whose substrates are reinforced concrete, steel sheets, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Water Tanks

Ene-Tech System

Regenerative heat pumps contribute to energy saving. Our waterproofing and insulation system for heat storage tank "Ene-Tech System" supports the energy saving activities in urban cities. Our materials and technologies developed exclusively for this purpose help to build a comfortable urban environment.

Waterproofing for Water Tank

This is a waterproofing technology for drinking water tanks, distribution reservoirs, etc. indispensable for our life. We assure "security" of your life through our clean and safe waterproof system using waterproof layer materials which are in compliant with the New Drinking Water Quality Standards of the Waterworks Low in terms of durability against temperature changes and aging, etc.

Photovoltaic Generation

Aluminum Based Materials for PCB SUMILITE® ALC

High-fever conduction, low heat thermal resistance, high electric strength, and a halogen freelancer are given.

Waterproofing System for Solar Panel System

The system is equipped with anchors which allow amorphous silicon photovoltaic power generation system to be installed together on the roof.

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