Low Protein Adsorption Products and ELISA Related Products
Avidin Plate (Blocking-less type)


Avidin Plate (Blocking-less type) is a Avidin fixed plate with special surface processing that blocks nonspecific adsorption of biomolecule. As it shows low back ground, you can save time for blocking and it makes an easy and quick supersensitive assay.


No blocking

Blocking is not necessary by the special surface treatment that blocks nonspecific adsorption of protein. Adjustment of blocking reagent or lot control are omitted.

Low back ground

Due to special surface treatment, it shows low background so that antigen-antibody reaction can be examined with high signal noise ratio.

High capability of biotin immobilization


Medical Research Institution/Laboratory

Protein Analysis


It can be used for immunoassay by immobilizing an antibody or a ligand turned to be biotin

Measurement of DNA/RNA

It can be used for measurement of DNA and RNA by immobilizing oligonucleotide turned to be biotin


Cat. NoProductQty/Cs
BS-X7603Avidin Plate (Blocking-less type) 5


  • Storage: 4°C, Expiration: 5 months after production

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