PVC Plate


Uni is developed as PVC sheet of new color variations depending on applications, considering reflection, penetration and diffusion of light - corresponding to hue circle, brightness, color saturation.

Fancy has unique natures of color variations - metallic touch finishes, and patterning of traditional Japanese paper, etc. Both products have exterior use grades, and applicable for lighting, sign and interior or outdoor decoration materials.


Weather resistance

Exterior use grades are available as well


Interior Decoration for Stores

Sign board/Display

signboard, lighting


SeriesArt. No.OutdoorColorSize (mm)Thickness (mm)
PrimaryLH 511*High pink910×18203
LH 513*High red
LH 522*High yellow
LH 535*High green
LH 541*High light blue


  • * marked products are outdoor products.
  • Uni Primary Series will be discountinued clearing our stock.
  • The delivery number of days will be sometimes the occasion which hangs more than usual and special hartered fliight arrangements by the size, the quantity and a payment previous area.
  • contains 2 in a packing.
SeriesArt. No.OutdoorColorSize (mm)Thickness (mm)
BasicG 170◎ [G 171]*Clear910×1820 10 532
1000×2000 10 532
G 390◎ [G 391]*High opal660×1820 ▲    5 
910×1820 107532
1000×2000   532
G 400◎ [G 401]*White910×1820 re10 532
G 800◎ [G 801]*Black910×1820 10 532


  • * marked products are outdoor products.
  • ▲ marked products will be discontinued after clearing our stock.
  • After all stock products (which are marked with ◎ at last word) will be shipped out, product number will be changed as the number which are stated between [].
  • contains 2 in a packing
SeriesArt. No.OutdoorColorSize (mm)Thickness (mm)
MetallicMT 580*Chrome hair line910×18203
NaturalFC 196*Unryu


  • * marked products are outdoor products.
  • Masking of MT products are, the Metal side is affixed with polyethene masking, the plastic side is affixed with paper.
  • Please don't use adhesive for the surface of MT products.
  • contains 2 in a packing

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