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Eliminator is designed with turning blades that work as battle plate against the gas flow. The mist in gas will adhere and be captured when it battles with the turning blades. The unique designed blades minimize the pressure loss too.


The structure that prevents dispersion

The structure does not allow dispersion of mist for efficient collection of mist.

Chemical resistance, Corrosion resistance

Rigid PVC resin type has good chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.


It as durable and economical as well.

Easy operation

Light weight, and easy for fitting and replacing


Industrial Materials

Water Treatment

Water treatment facilities

Mist collecting materials for cooling tower, air-washer, scrubbers


PVC products
GradeSize (mm)Highest
for use (°C)
Weight (kg)Color
EL 501500T×165H×1000W501.4gray
EL 202500T×250H×1000W505.5gray
EL 221500T×100H×1000W501.75gray
EL 222500T×200H×1000W503.5gray
EL 223500T×300H×1000W505.25gray


  • Packing is a cardboard case.
  • As for T size, please make an inquiry
  • H size cannot be changed
PP products
GradeSize (mm)Thickness (mm)Highest
for use (°C)
Weight (kg)Color
ELP 0221000T×315H ×1000W1.88030Milky white
ELH 0221000T×240H ×1000W2.08025Milky white


  • As for T size or W size, please make an inquiry
    Thickness × Width less than 1m2 and Thickness less than 1200mm, W size less than 1500mm only (H size cannot be changed)

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