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Carrier for Fluid Bed Bio-Reactor BIOSTAGE


In recent wastewater treatment facilities, "fluid bed" processing systems have drawn focus due to the needs for advanced treatment, nitrifying, elimination of nitrogen, and downsizing of facilities. BIOSTAGE bioreactors are designed for such fluid bed wastewater treatment systems.


Excellent fluidity

Its specific gravity is adjusted to perform excellent fluidity.

Good adherence to microorganism

Good adherence to microorganism by special porous foaming

Made of polypropylene resin

Made of polypropylene resin that has durability and corrosion resistance.

Variety in size and specific gravity

Available in various sizes and specific gravity depending on applications

Various applications

Other than fluid be bioreactor, it can be used as filler for biological slime filtration and bioscrubber deodorization facilities.


Industrial Materials

Water Treatment

Water treatment related equipment

Fluid bed Bio-reactor


GradeSize (mm)True specific gravity
Specific surface
RK 04Z0984Φ×4L0.981500
RK 10Z09810Φ×10L0.98800
RK 20Z09820Φ×20L0.98350


  • True Specific Gravity is a density of materials.
  • True Specific Gravity is a density of materials can beadiusted 0.93g/cm3 to 1.8g/cm3. However, that is for special orders.

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