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Inclination Tube


In the wastewater treatment process, solid-liquid separation technology, especially sedimentation facility with inclination tubes for the separation of sediments, are highlighted recently. Inclination tube is developed for up flow setting equipment.


Highly efficient process

Separation of sediments is ensured by segmentalized flow.

Good endurance

Made of corrosion resistant rigid PVC resin, and perform good mechanical strength by piling up like block masonry.

Easy fitting

Being fabricated like block masonry, installation is simple and easy - just put onto scaffold.


Industrial Materials

Water Treatment

Water treatment related equipment

Solid-liquid separation accelerator for upflow settling reservoir


GradeBlock size (mm)Weight
Projected area
KR 30*215T×600H×2000W13kg4.5m211.0gray
KR 60430T×600H×2000W15kg5.2m26.0gray
KR 100510T×830H×1910W20kg4.9m25.0gray


  • As for T type, please make an inquiry
  • * marked grade is made to special order
  • Size of H type is fixed as above

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