Both Sides Anti-static Plate
Elecon Plate


Elecon Plate is processed for ant-static in order to prevent dust adhesion to be caused by static electricity. This product has been used not only for the semi-conductor and LCD industry, but also for other industries and applications that require clean environment. The outstanding anti-static property is suitable for partitions of clean rooms, machine covers, observation windows, etc. Different resin types such as PVC, Polycarbonate, and PETG are available for Elecon Plate.


Stable antistatic property

Surface resistivity of all of our Elecon Plate is as low as 106-108Ω.

Base material is high grade transparent plate.

Clear plate is produced by the high quality transparent plate for industrial use.

For partitions in clean rooms

Elecon Plate is suitable for the partitions of clean rooms.

For various applications

Elecon Plate is available in PVC, Ploycarbonate, and PETG, corresponding to various needs.

Colored transparent plates and opaque plates

On top of clear transparent plates, in PVC type, we offer colored transparent plates (#7000series) and opaque colored plates (#3000 series). In polycarbonate and PETG type, we offer colored transparent plates.

Conforming to the RoHS Directive

Elecon Plate (PVC type) does not contain lead stabilizer, and is RoHS conforming product.


Industrial Materials

Clean Room

Production facilities and equipment


#7000 series
Grade Color Size (mm) Thickness (3.0 mm)
ECV 7000Clear1000×20003


  • Above mentioned products will be discontinued after clearing our stock

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