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General properties of For Producers of Vegetables and Fruits

List of product items

For heat sealing
ItemsWeight contained (g)Our PNSize (mm)ColorMinimum Order (Qty per box)Recommended storage condition
Green Soybeans300EY7K70.025×160×2101 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Green Soybeans500EY8K30.025×200×2301 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Plum(Medium size)1,000PY9T70.03×200×3151 white4,0007-25°C
Plum(Large size)1,000PY9T80.03×200×3501 white4,0007-25°C
Plum2,000PY9K30.03×280×4001 white4,0007-25°C
Asparagus150AY8K70.025×100×3401 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Komatuna300LY6K90.02×210×3901 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Broccoli (square-size bag)400VY7K90.025×240×2901 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Broccoli (U-form bag)500VY7K40.025×240×3151 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Broccoli with branch (square-size bag)600VY7100.02×300×3151 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Spinach200HY8K70.02×210×3901 green4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Ooba leaf10LY1160.025×120×1601 white10,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Sweet Corn1 cobLY8K50.025×130×3701 white5,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Sweet Corn2 cobsLY9K10.025×200×4001 white4,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
With zippers
ItemsWeight contained (g)Our PNSize(mm)ColorMinimum Order (Qty per box)Recommended storage condition
Green Soybeans300EZ7K60.04×160×23033,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Green Soybeans200EZ7K40.04×140×21033,500 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Green Soybeans1,000EZ9K40.04×230×3101 white2,000 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Plum1,000PZ9K20.04×200×310 2 * 2,0007-25°C
Okra/String Bean100LZ7K20.04×125×17524,500 8-15°C (25°C×8Hrs)


  • * The item has bar coding.
Large-size bags (as inner bags)
ItemsWeight contained (g)Our PNSize(mm)ColorMinimum Order (Qty per box)Recommended storage condition
Plum10PY9K5 0.03×750/ 125×700 02007-12°C
Broccoli6VY9250.025×1000×9900400 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)
Broccoli10VY9150.025×1000×9900400 1-10°C (25°C×8Hrs)


  • The large-side bag is designed for use as inner bags. Please refrain from using them without outer packages.
  • For other items, please contact us for details and designs.
  • Specifications and features might be changed without notice.