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Fast Curing Phenolic Resin


It is a powder novolak resin which contains fast curing performance by special techniques.
It could improve the moldability of the friction material. Therefore, it may lead to the reduction of process cost.


✔ Moldability

✔ Fast curing

✔ High crosslink density

Main Grades

Grade Features Flow
125℃, mm
Gel Time
150℃, sec
Free Phenol
PR-51794 Short flow 13 90 2.0
PR-53724 Long flow
Low Free Phenol
33 120 <1.0

  • The values in this material are the representative values.

Technical Data

Short-time molding property

Composition: Resin/Aramid fiber/Barium sulfate/Calcium carbonate= 18/2/40/40 vol%
Condition: Mold at 150ºC and check cracks in appearance molding time

Items Non-modified resin Fast curing resin
Shortest molding time (sec.) 140 120

Curast torque

Test condition: 150℃×10min

Fast curing resin shows quick rise of curast torque and has excellent curability.

Rise of glass transition

Composition: Resin/Barium sulfate =1/1(wt)
Molding Condition: 1min for each temp.
Tg:Calculated by E″ peak by DMA

Fast curing resin has high crosslink density after curing.

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