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Melamine Modified Phenolic Resin


It is a powder novolak resin modified with a melamine polymer.
The flame-retardant effect of melamine could improve heat resistance and wear resistance.


✔ Wear resistance

✔ Heat resistance

✔ Crack resistance

Main Grades

Grade Features Flow
125℃, mm
Gel Time
165℃, sec
Free Phenol
PR-X19160 Wear resistance 27 38 <1.0

  • The values in this material are the representative values.

Technical Data

Wear resistance data

・1/10 Scale dynamo
・65km/h, 0.3G, IBT200℃×200cycle、 300℃×200cycle、inatia 0.5kgm2

Friction appearance after wear test

Non-modified resin

Melamine modified resin

Melamine modified compound does not cause chipping and cracking after wear test.

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