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Acryl Modified Phenolic Resin


It is a powder novolak resin in which an acrylic polymer is dispersed.
Excellent flexibility and vibration absorption over a wide temperature range help improve NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) performance.


✔ Flexibility

✔ Vibration absorption

Main Grades

Grade Features Flow
125℃, mm
Gel Time
150℃, sec
Free Phenol
PR-55291 Low modification 40 121 <1.0
PR-55291A High modification 40 100 <1.0

  • The values in this material are the representative values.

Technical Data

Hardness data of Friction

Composition: Resin/Cashew particle/Aramid fiber/ Barium sulfate= 20/7.5/5/67.5 vol%
Condition: Hot press 150ºC /4min, Baking 200ºC/5hr

Items Non-modified resin Acryl modified resin
Porosity (%) 21 21
Hardness (HRS) 80 30

Viscoelastic Behavior of Friction

Acrylic modified resin provides superb flexibility.
It has low hardness on friction surface and high tan δ over a wide range of temperature.

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