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Phenolic Resin Copper-clad Laminates SUMILITE® PLC


Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. collected its production of paper phenolic resin copper-clad laminates into SNC Industrial Laminates in Malaysia. SNC develops new products through close cooperation with related divisions in Japan. Its products' line-up are Low odor, Environment friendly, For lead free solder and so on.
In order to meet various requirements such as much severe quality guarantee system and consideration for production environment from customers, SNC has quality and environment control system which corresponds to international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
SNC provides high quality products to customers around the world.


  • SNC Industrial Laminates SDN BHD. (Malaysia)


  • High Performance Plastic Technology Development Laboratory


Warpage and Torsion

Warpage and Torsion are small and consistent.

Lead-free solder applicable

Suitable for surface mounting with reflow machine using lead-free solder.

Green materials are also available

We have many experiences with Halogen -free materials.


Electrical and Electronic Equipment


  • Highly effective in VA (value analysis) when used in consumer appliances, such as TV & AV devices.
  • For users who dislike phenol odors and use glass epoxy, our low odor type exhibits especially good effects in value analysis.
  • For lead-free solder re-flow process, our heat resistant grade will provide a highly effective substrate.

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