Relationships with Shareholders and Investors

Basic Policy on Profit Distribution

We are working actively to enhance our corporate value and regards returning a portion of profits generated by our businesses to shareholders as one of its most important management priorities. In allocating profits, we take into consideration the balance with retained earnings that will be used for the future development of the business, such as R&D expenditures, capital investment, and M&A.

For fiscal 2021, we increased the annual cash dividend by ¥35 from the previous fiscal year to ¥110 per share (comprising an interim dividend of ¥50 and year-end dividend of ¥60), taking into consideration the need to secure funds for strategic investments and M&A aimed at sustainable growth.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

We carry out appropriate and timely disclosure of corporate information in accordance with the disclosure standards of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and in accordance with the “Information Disclosure Guidelines” in which we have set our basic approach to disclosing information to stakeholders including investors and employees simultaneously, fairly, and accurately.

In addition to the information disclosure described above, we also post information at our website including financial results, the General Meeting of Shareholders and other matters, in an effort to proactively disclose information.

For analysts and institutional investors, we hold meetings to explain financial results after announcements of year-end and quarterly results, either in person or via teleconference, and we also hold individual meetings as appropriate.

In fiscal 2021, in addition to quarterly financial results briefings and individual meetings in a remote format, the Company made efforts to disclose information proactively as in previous years while taking into consideration the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 infection by implementing a hybrid format of on-site and web-based financial results briefings related to year-end financial results. In addition, through participation in conferences organized by securities firms, the President or the Director Overseeing Finance and Accounting exchanged information with institutional investors. Through securities companies, we were also able to hold small meetings on topics involving materials related to semiconductors, one of our Group’s key business operations, in which numerous institutional investors participated. Opinions and requests received through these dialogues are reported to management as appropriate, and important information is regularly shared with the Board of Directors.

Numbers of Analysts and Institutional Investors Attending Business Performance Presentations

1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q
Fiscal 2020 65 57 63 72
Fiscal 2021 65 67 79 76

Encouraging Exercise of Voting Rights at Shareholders’ Meetings

In order to enable as many shareholders to exercise their voting rights as we can, we send out convening notices early, and post them on our website before doing so. We also enable online exercise of voting rights, as well as access to the platform run by ICJ, Inc., which is designed to enable institutional investors to exercise their voting rights electronically. In order to help overseas shareholders exercise their voting rights, we produce English-language versions of our convening notices and reference documents, and post them at our website.


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