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Q1.Optical waveguide introduction


Optical waveguide is a structure for guiding light. It is composed of a two-potion core and cladding. The core potion's refractive index is higher than cladding potion's. The light transmission is based on the total internal reflection phenomena at the core cladding boundary.
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Q2.Advantages of optical waveguide


High bandwidth, high speed data communication, low power consumption, small footprint and light weight. Optical signals are especially useful for high frequency signals due to space constraints on the board.



Optical interconnect for super computers, servers, and inside routers. Super high vision broadcast equipment, tablets, wearable devices where space constraint is an issue. High speed data communication on airplanes, where space and light weight is critical. Inspection instruments and large size printing machines. Various kinds of optical sensors.

Q4.Difference from optical fiber


Optical fiber is generally considered an electric wire where as optical waveguides are a PCB that has many optical circuits with high density.

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