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BlotGlyco™ O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit


BlotGlyco™ O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit enables scientists to analyze O-glycans in biological samples, including biotherapeutic glycoproteins, in a simple, safe and streamlined operation. The kit is a valuable tool supporting customers involved in glycoprotein characterization in research and process development, monitoring and batch release, characterization of previously unattainable information on O-glycan structures.
The kit consists of "O-glycan release reagent" and "BlotGlyco™ glycan purification and labeling beads". O-Glycan release reagent is based on chemical treatment of protein samples with an ammonium salt that is far innocuous than conventional methods and effective for unbiased mild O-glycan release from glycoproteins. Since the released O-glycans with the kit carry the reducing terminal that is available for further modification, the O-glycans can be further purified and labeled using BlotGlyco™ beads, also enclosed in the kit. Even small O-glycans such as di-, trisaccharides can be recovered due to the chemoselective ligation between their reducing end hydrazide groups on the beads. Thus, the kit enables researchers to recover O-glycans with fluorescent 2-AB tag, which is suitable for HPLC/UPLC and LC-MS analyses.


  • The kit facilitates O-glycan sample preparation from biological samples such as glycoproteins, mucins, etc.
  • The kit consists of O-glycan release reagent and glycan purification/labeling beads.
  • The kit eliminates time-consuming tedious purification steps. Only two days are required to obtain purified, 2-AB labeled O-glycan sample from biological samples.
  • The kit is safer than conventional methods due to the usage of a mild ammonium salt for the O-glycan release reaction.
  • Easy operations. No need for special devices.


Medical Research Institution/Laboratory

  • O-Glycosylation analysis of biologics (for research, screening, quality control and production process development and monitoring).
  • O-Glycosylation analysis of biological samples such as mucin.


Cat. No. Product Contents
Polymer beads
for glycan purification
Reaction tubes Cleanup
release reagent
BS-45450Z O-Glycan Sample
Preparation Kit
for 10 tests for 10 tests for 10 tests for 10 tests


  • Storage: 4°C

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