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Glycan Array


-- For the multiple analysis of glycan related interaction --

Biological events on the cell surface can be restaged on Glycan Array!

What is "Glycan Array"


  • I Mechanism of infection diseases
  • Interaction analysis of glycan-binding proteins
  • Therapeutic development
  • Drug discovery

Our unique technology of Glycan immobilizing method:

Reducing end of glycan is covalently immobilized on plastic substrate.


We provide Two types of array for supporting your Glycan research--

Type 1: Glycan Array-1 28 glycans

Type 2: Glycan Array-2 24 ganglioside glycans


1. Pipette the sample solution on the slide surface, and place a cover over the slide.

2. After putting the slide with the cover in the moist atmosphere, wash the slide.

3. Pipette the solution of antibody (fluorescent conjugate) just like step 1.

4. After putting the slide with the cover in the moist atmosphere, wash the slide.

5. Detect the fluorescent intensity of each spot on the slide by a Microarray scanner.

Fluorescent labeling options


Binding assay using Glycan Array-1

Evaluation of binding specificity of lectin (AAL)

As expected, AAL lectin bound selectively to fucosylated glycans.

  • Biotin-AAL (0.5 mg/mL) → 2h, RT → Streptavidin-Cy3 (2 mg/mL) → 1h, RT → Detect the fluorescence

Binding assay using Glycan Array-2

Evaluation of binding specificity of toxin (Cholera)

It is known that Cholera toxin subunit B binds GM1a ganglioside on the surface of small-intestinal epithelial cell membrane.1][2]

As expected, Cholera toxin subunit B bound specifically to GM1a and several structurally-similar glycolipid glycans.

  • Cholera toxin subunit B Alexa Fluor 555 conjugate (10 mg/mL) → 1h, RT → Detect the fluorescence
  • [1] Merritt EA, et. al., Mol. Microbiol. 1994, 13, 745-753
  • [2] Chinnapen DJF, et. al., FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 2007, 266, 129–137


Cat. No. Product
BS-X1731Z Glycan Array I (1 slide)
BS-X1732Z Glycan Array I (4 slides)
BS-X1733Z Glycan Array I (8 slides)
BS-X1714Z Glycan Array II (1 slide)
BS-X1715Z Glycan Array II (4 slides)
BS-X1716Z Glycan Array II (8 slides)


  • Storage: 4°C

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