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Celltight series enables the stable and uniform coating of extracellular matrix by the originally developed unique techniques.

Coating materials

Celltight C-1 Collagen-I (originated from bovine dermis)
Celltight G Gelatin (originated from pig skin)
Celltight PL Poly-L-Lysine (synthetic)
Poly-D-Lysine coated glass bottom dish Poly-D-Lysine (synthetic)


Celltight C-1 Collagen-I (originated from bovine dermis)

Collagen Type-I exists in many of mammal organs is known as and one of the most popular proteins among the mammal originated substances. Celltight C-1 series are suitable mainly for the cultivation of epithelial cells, mesenchymal cells and hepatocyte cells. Have advantages regarding the adherence property and stability of the cells compared with the conventional products. Work effectively for the adherence of transfected cells. Also effective for the serum free cultivation.

Celltight G Gelatin (originated from pig skin)

Gelatin is the molecule obtained by the heat denaturation of collagen. Gelatin is mainly used as the substrate of cell adhesion. Suitable for the long-term stable cultivation of feeder cells (e.g. STO cells), which are essential for the ES cell cultivation. Suitable for the other type of cells, e.g. myoblast.

Celltight PL Poly-L-Lysine (synthetic)

Poly-L-Lysine is a kind of α-amino acids. Poly-L-Lysine is obtained by the polymerization of L-Lysine, which is one of essential amino acids. The molecule of Poly-L-Lysine has high positive charge with primary amino group in its side chain. Poly-L-Lysine is consisted with the essential amino acids and it has no cell toxicity. Suitable for the nerve cell cultivation. The amino group on the culture surface stimulates charge-based cell adherence on the plate surface. It has advantage to the immobilization for the floating-type cells.

Aluminum packages

Aluminum packages are used for the products in order to maintain the good performance for one year at room temperature storage.


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Cell Culture

Can be used for cells that has weak adhesiveness such as first generation hepatic cell and nerve cell.

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