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Light Guide Panel "SUNLOID" LUMI-KING


"SUNLOID" LUMI-KING is an acrylic light guide panel designed for signs, displays, in-store decorations, and lighting equipment. Using eco-friendly LED as a light source, power consumption is as small as 1/3 to 1/5 of those of ordinary florescent lamps. Llight source equipped as edge-light, it gives uniform high brightness on the whole panel surface. It is typically applicable for signboards, displays and partitions to replace conventional panels, but is also applicable for thin and/or curved attractive panels. It is easy to be designed for specific size, so "SUNLOID" LUMI-KING can be respond to various needs.


Suitable material for energy saving displays

Energy saving of 70% to 80% compared with a fluorescent lamp panels

Unique surface finishes

The unique surface finish will not require secondary finishing works such as screen printing or laser curving.

Uniform and bright lighting

Using the edge lighting, LUMI-KING provides uniform and bright lighting on whole panel surface.

Easy designing for variety of sizes.

Thin signs and displays are designed easily by trimming to requested size.

Easy processing

Various processings such as round curve bending, gluing and painting are applicable as same as traditional MMA (methyl methacrylate) materials

Proposal for lighting equipments, sign displays, and so on.

We are ready to propose complete set of lighting panel with LED and frames.


Decoration for stores and shops

Billboards, sign boards, and displays

Signs and lightings

Lighting equipments, interior displays, lighting boards, advertising boards


GradeSurface patternMaterialSize (mm)ThicknessWeightQty/Pk
ELK100One side light emission
(Surface flat/
back side dot pattern)


  • More than 3,060mm length, please contact sales representative.


Designed lighting effect

Advertising board


Interior signboard

In a commercial facility

Outdoor signboard

Sign for shoe manufacture

Company signboard

Exhibitions More

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