Optical Circuit Products
Polymer Waveguide Film


Polymer Waveguide with low loss and low cross talk manufactured with our innovative material and process. Also we can fabricate waveguide with turning mirror for application with VCSEL, PD, and lens array.


Optical circuit design

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Optical characteristics

  • Propagation loss 0.05dB/cm at 850nm (IEC61280-4-1)
  • Crosstalk less than -30dB, Core diameter - 40 um, Pitch - 62.5um
  • Data rate - 10 Gbps/ch, 12.5 Gbps/ch, 14 Gbps/ch, 16 Gbps/ch, 25 Gbps/ch, 40 Gbps/ch


Electrical and Electronic Equipment/Medical Devices/Aircraft

Optical circuit

Polymer waveguides support high bandwidth, high speed data transmission with low-noise, and low-power consumption with very small footprint.


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